Judy Blume Net Worth | Career Rise, Controversies and Struggle behind Net Worth of $85 Million

Judith Blume is a famous and richest American writer of children and adult fiction. Judy Blume has a net worth of $85 million. Judy’s best-selling books include Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Super Fudge. Her books are mostly written on the topics of menstrual flow, masturbation, and bullying. She also writes for young adult children and adult fiction. Till the time she writes more than twenty-five books. Blume not only got recognition as an author but earned a good reputation as a teacher. Judy Blume was also ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world. In this article, we will discuss about the considerable facts of her life journey that gave a massive rise to Jude Blume Wealth.

Quick Facts                                                                                

 Name  Judy Blume
 Full Name  Judith Blume
 Net Worth  $85 Million
 Age  86 years (as of 2023)
 Height  5 Feet 4 inches
 Weight  63 kg
 Hair Color  Brown
 Eye Color  Brown
 Birth Place  Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States
 Currently, Live In  Key West, Florida
 Profession  Author, TV Producer, Novelist, Teacher
 Nationality  American
 Religion  Jewish
 Hometown  Elizabeth, New Jersey
 Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
 School/High school  Battin High School
 University  New York University
 Education Qualification  Bachelor’s degree in Arts


Judy Blume Net Worth

Judy Blume earned a massive amount of money while pursuing her career as a writer. According to some authentic resources, Blume has a net worth of $85 million. She earned all of her net worth from bookselling, speaking engagements, and some other ventures. Her books are sold just like hotcakes and till the time she sold 82 million books copies.

Source of Income

Judy Blume is a professional adult and child fiction writer. She earned most of her income from her bookselling. Judy Blume has sold more than 82 million copies of her books. The primary sources of her income include books, motivational speaking concerts, and other business ventures.



Judy Blume Net Worth


Judy has many real estate investments. She bought a lavish house worth $10.5 million in Florida. Her house also includes a garden rich with palms and orchids. But currently, Judy along with her husband George Cooper lives in the Key West residence.

Early Life

Judy Blume Net Worth

Judith Blume was born on February 12, 1938, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She was born in the home of homemaker Esther Sussman and dentist Rudolph Sussman. Judy Blume has one sibling David. She belongs to a Jewish family. Her childhood is a witness to the hardship and death that she experienced. Judy Blume mother temporarily moved to Miami while Blume’s brother suffered a kidney infection. Her father still stayed behind to continue his work. She started writing stories at the age of eight. She completed her graduation in Arts from New York University in 1959. After completing education Blume also worked as a teacher and librarian. During her job, Blume wrote her first book “The Middle is the Green Kangaroo” published in 1969.


Judy Blume Books got worldwide recognition through versatile conception. She started her career as a writer from New York University courses when her kids started their preschool learning.

Judy Blume Net Worth

Judy Blume published her first book on the topic “The Middle is the Green Kangaroo” in 1969. After the great response to her first book, Judy published her second book “Iggie’s House” in 1970 which was based on the Trailblazer magazine story.

Judy third book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret (1970)” broke all records in sales. This book concept is focused on adult literature. In the same decade, Blume’s other novels include “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972)”, “Otherwise known as Sheila the Great (1972)” and “Blubber (1974)”.

In 1975, Blume published her banned novel “Forever” which explains adult literature and teenage sex. She wrote this book on her daughter’s demand who is only 13 years old and wanted to read a book that explains the characters who have sex but do not die. This book tackles family conflicts, body image, and sexuality. She believed that children must know about these life facts that wonder them.

Rising Career

After the success of her career as a young child and teen author, Blume tackled another genre adult reality and death. Her novels “Wifey” in 1978 and “Smart Women” in 1983 ranked as one of the top novels on the New York Times Best Seller List. Wifey has become a best-seller novel with 4 million copies sold. Her other adult novel “Summer Sisters” in 1998 got a great response and sold more than three million copies. Apart from appreciation, this novel got a lot of criticism due to its sexual content.

Judy Blume Net Worth

Judy Blume Books sold over 82 million copies and were translated into 32 languages. Many books by Judy are banned in the United States due to sensitive concepts. Judy faced a lot of criticism and controversies due to the choice of her topics. Judy Blume Documentary novel showed the life and legacy of a trailblazer stories also the biggest achievement of Judy career.

Personal Life

Judy personal life always become a part of controversies due to her several marriages. She first got married to John M. Blume on August 15, 1959, during her college life. Firstly they met at New York University when Judy was studying. The couple had two children Randy and Lawrence Andrew. Their marriage ended in 1976. She decided to separate their ways because she felt suffocation in this relationship.

After the failure of her first marriage, Judy married Thomas A. Kitchen in 1976. She moved to New Mexico due to her husband’s job. This marriage also ended in a divorce in 1978.

Judy life turned again after her two failed relationships and got married to former law professor George Cooper. Later on, her husband became a non-fiction writer. From this marriage, Judy has a stepdaughter Amanda from her husband’s first marriage. Till the time now the couple is still together and living a happy life.

Among Judy Blume children Randy Blume-Pickle, her son, married and has a child.


Judy Blume is a famous American author and best known for her best-selling books “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”, “Blubber” and many other. She wrote books and novels for people of all ages. Judy Blume is a diverse writer who earned a considerable net worth of $85 million throughout he career. She is among the award-winning writers who have sold over 82 million copies.

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