Malaak Compton Rock Net Worth | $35 million

Malaak Compton Rock is a famous American television industry personality and child welfare social worker who has a net worth of $35 million. She is known as the Ex-Wife of Chris Rock a famous American Comedian. Malaak Compton is also famous for her acting. Malaak Compton is a good author and businesswoman too.

Quick Facts:

 Name Malaak Compton
 Full Name  Malaak Compton Rock
 Material Status Divorce
Ex-Boyfriend  Eric Maurice
 Net Worth $35 Million
 Date Of Birth  13 June 1969
 Age  54years (as of 2023)
 Height  5 Feet 9 inches
 Weight 65 kg
 Hair Color  Black
Eye Color  Brown
 Birth Place  Oakland, California, US
 Currently, Live In  New York City, US
 Profession  Actress, Author, Businessperson
 Debut Year  1994
 Years Active Not Confirm
 Nationality  American
 Religion Christianity
Hometown   Oakland, California, US
 Zodiac Sign  Gemini
School/High school  Elementary and High School California
College/University  Howard University
Education Qualification  Graduation in Art Management
 Hobbies Up  Listening to Music, Singing, Reading


Malaak Compton is a famous American philanthropist, businesswoman, and social activist. She has a total net worth of $35 million. The main reason for the fame of Malaak Compton is her comedian husband Chris Rock. She got $40 million from her Ex-husband in divorce settlement. Malaak Compton is also an executive director and founder of Style Works (a nonprofit able salon). This welfare organization provides free services to women who enter to work forcefully by leaving welfare.


Malaak Compton worked in many television shows. She earned an attractive net worth from her direction production profession. She is now living a luxurious life as she got a handsome amount from her husband’s divorce settlement.


Malaak-Compton net worth

Malaak Compton Rock invested her wealth in real estate works and got a handsome net worth from these real estate projects. After her divorce from Rock, she sold her Brooklyn home worth of $3.87 million. Malaak Compton Rock had a great investment in rental properties in New Jersey and earned a good net worth.


Malaak Compton is a founder of The Angel Rock Project and this organization provides charity funds to deserving families and children worldwide. Malaak Compton also worked with Style Works which provides free services to women who enter to work for and left welfare work. She also worked for a children’s welfare organization. Malaak Compton donates handsome wealth to establish socially responsible change and other social activities. She also raises awareness about building sustainable behavior and other disaster reliefs. She is also an active participant in UNICEF, Safe Horizon, Children’s Self-Defense, and Hope Worldwide organizations.


Malaak Compton was born into a family that gave more importance to education and promoted education to excel in the community. She did her bachelor’s in advertising from Howard University. She worked hard for a non-profit organization for social settlement and social behavior change.


Malaak Compton is a multi-talented and hard-working person. She worked in the entertainment industry as an actor and also a producer. She also worked as the manager of a Non-Profit Organization explained below:

Social Awareness

Malaak Compton dedicated her life to charity work, establishing the Angel Rock project. She worked hard to raise awareness about social responsibility, drug addiction relief efforts, awareness about HIV/AIDS, and establishing sustainable educational programs. She cares a lot about such things that she also congratulated the Children’s Defense Funds on their 35th anniversary on their official Channel.

Charity Work

Malaak Compton is also acknowledged for her charity work and got the Community Leadership Award in 2016. She also got an honor Doctorate from Fairleigh Dickenson Fund and preparatory charter School.


She actively participated in entertainment and pursued her media profession. Moreover, she worked as a producer for many shows of her husband’s projects, while she organized events such as VH1 and BET.


Malaak Compton Rock had three daughters and one of them was adopted. Her daughters’ names are Lola Simone (June 28, 2002) and Zahra Savannah (May 22, 2004). In 2008 Malaak and Rock adopted a six-month South African baby Ntombi. She was married to a famous American comedian Chris Rock in 1996 and finished their married life two decades later.


Malaak Compton Rock is a famous American actor, author, director, and producer. Malaak Compton was the Ex-wife of famous American comedian Chris Rock. She is an active social worker. Malaak Compton runs an organization named The Angels Rock Project and helps deserving youth for a better future. She has become an inspirational personality for the youth. Her work has earned worldwide recognition by getting the Women’s News 21 Leaders for the 21st Century award and United Way’s Woman Distinction Award.

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