Lance Reddick Net Worth | Journey Behind $5 Million

Lance Solomon Reddick was a famous American actor and musician who had a net worth of $5 million. Lance Reddick played a fictional role as “Cedric Daniels” in the film “The Wire” from 2008 to 2013. He also worked in police detective series in Oz, Law and Order, The Wire, and John Wick. This great iconic person left this world in March 2023 at the age of 60. The chapter on an idol personality had come to an end. In this article we are going to discuss Lance Reddick Net Worth in detail with all his assets, earning sources, and income.

Quick Facts

Name Lance Reddick
 Full Name Lance Solomon Reddick
 Other Name Cedric Daniels
 Material Status  married
 Net Worth  $5 Million
 Date Of Birth June 7, 1962
 Weight 85 kg
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Brown
 Birth Place  Baltimore, Maryland, United stats
 Currently, Live In Los Angeles, California, US
 Profession Actor, Film Producer, Singer
 Nationality  American
 Religion Christianity
 Hometown Baltimore, Maryland
 Zodiac Sign Gemini
 School/High school Eastman School of Music, Friend School of Baltimore
 College/University Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
Education Qualification Bachelor’s degrees
 Hobbies Up Reading Comic Book

Lance Reddick Net Worth

Lance Reddick had a net worth of around about $5 Million till his death. He earned all his net worth from his acting and singing profession. He successfully translated his hard work into his bank account.

Source Of Income

A major part of Lance Reddick net worth comes from his acting and singing profession. His appearances in multiple Films and TV shows helped him to earn a net worth of $5 million. Not only that, but he was also a voice actor and he released many music albums as well. These are some sources that contributed significantly to his net worth.


Lance Reddick invested all his earnings in real estate. He had many properties all around the United States. He also owned a beautiful house in Los Angeles in 2016 and had worth $3 million.


Lance Reddick supports the MOM Cares organization. MOM Cares organization works for the welfare of Black maternal health issues. This organization provides support to the parents and the families.

After the sudden death of Lance Reddick, his wife appeals to the followers of his husband to donate and help the MOM Cares organization heartily. After the death of Reddick, a sudden rise in donations can be seen.

Early Life and Education

Lance Reddick was the son of Dorothy Gee and was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He studied at the Friends School of Baltimore. He studied education of music at the Institute of Peabody Preparatory and Walden School. Lance Reddick earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Rochester and a degree in Fine Arts at Yale School of Drama.

Lance Reddick net worth


Lance Reddick worked in the series “The Wire’’ and he is famous for his performance as Cedric Daniels in this series. He also worked in the series “Lost” and played the role of Matthew Abaddon for four episodes. He became a famous actor of his era. The producer of the series “Lost” showed his interest in working with Reddick in the series of Mr. Eko but Reddick refused to work due to his busy schedule.

Lance Reddick net worth

Reddick was also a famous musician. He debuted his singing profession in 2018. He also worked as an action thriller actor. Reddick worked in many series like The Wire, ABC, DRONE, etc., and proved himself as the most influential personality. His upcoming project is a series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Hellboy series.


Lance Reddick grew up in an American family. His father was a lawyer by profession. He started playing Piano and wanted to become a classical composer. He married his childhood girlfriend Stephanie in June 2011. Lance Reddick had three children from this relationship.


Lance Reddick was a famous multi-talented American actor, musician, and film producer. He had a self-declared affinity-based person. Lance Reddick worked in television series e.g. New York Undercover. He played a memorable character of an agent in Fringe. Lance Reddick was a great kind-hearted person of his time. He had a soft corner for humanity. He also works for MOM Cares Organization and denoted a handsome amount to this organization.

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