Kenny G net worth wealth || How Saxophone Helped Him To Earn $100 Million

From being a music lover to a sideman and eventually turning on to become the Grammy award-winning smooth jazz saxophonist, he has come a long way. You will be shocked to know that Kenny G net worth is $100 million. Quite impressive, isn’t it? A Grammy-winning smooth jazz saxophonist, he began playing the saxophone at age 10 and made his sideman debut for Barry White seven times. Bestselling compendiums have marked his career, each achieving platinum status at the box office. 

kenny g net worth


Quick Facts

 Name Kenny G
 Full Name Kenneth Bruce Gorelick
Nickname Kenny
 Material Status Married
 Net Worth $100 million
 Date Of Birth June 5, 1956
 Age 67 years
 Height 5 feet 8 inches
 Weight 74 kg
 Hair Color Dark brown
 Eye Color Dark brown
 Birth Place Seattle, Washington united States
Currently, Live In Washington
Profession Saxophonist ,song writer
 Debut Year 1982
 Famous Role mesmerizing saxophone music
 Nationality America
 Religion  Christian
 Hometown Washy
 Zodiac Sign Geminis
 Hobbies Up  golf, take pictures, and fly airplanes.

Net worth 

Kenny G is an American grown-up contemporary and smooth jazz saxophonist with a net worth of $100 million. According to the authentic reports Kenny G has made further plutocrats from an early-IPO Starbucks investment than he has from his music career. Kenny G revealed he makes around $600,000 per month in rental income from his property portfolio.

Source Of Income

Now, let’s discuss which sources he used to earn this much money. Most of his net worth comes from his music sales, concert tours, royalties, endorsements, sponsorships, music licensing, business ventures, and investments. He didn’t stop here and received platinum status for his albums.


Cars collection

Kenny G has a collection of high-end vehicles, including a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, and is known for his passion for automobiles.

kenny g car collection



He has a lavish house in Hunts Point, Washington, worth $85,000,000. This 4-acre waterfront property is listed for $85 million. His bottom main house was designed by celebrity mastermind Richard Landry, with a pool, and a tennis court. The former high was two times ago, a $60 million property at the tip of Hunts Point.

kenny g house


Kenny G is famous for his charity work. He gave $50,000 to help COVID-19 pandemic-affected families. 2019, he also gave $10,000 to the “Seattle Children’s Hospital” to help their music therapy program.

Early Life

Kenny G was born to Jewish parents in the Seattle neighborhood of Seward Park. Since he was ten years old, he has had a connection to the saxophone. He decided to learn the instrument after being inspired by watching someone play it on The Ed Sullivan Show.

kenny g early life

The local trumpeter Gerald Pfister taught him how to play the saxophone. Additionally, he copied George Washington Jr.’s records. The first saxophone he touched was an alto Buffet Crampon. He made his first unsuccessful attempt to join a jazz band while still in school. Nevertheless, Kenny g persisted and successfully got a seat the following year. He also privately studied the saxophone and clarinet with Johnny Jessen for a year.


Kenny’s career started in 1980 with his solo performance as a member of Lorber Fusion. In 1982, he made his debut album “Kenny G.” Moving In 1983, he released “G Force,” album. His album “Duotones” received a lot of appreciation which he released in the middle of 1980. Kenny G has published over 20 albums, including “Breathless,” one of the all-time best-selling instrumental albums. He has worked with various musicians, including Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Frank Sinatra, and has received numerous Grammy Awards.

kenny g net worth - career

In 2000, he also invited to the white house and performed for governors and members of the Clinton Cabinet.


In 1980, Kenny G wed Janice DeLeon; their marriage ended in divorce in 1987. In 1992, he wed Lyndie Benson, and together they had two boys, Max and Noah. Noah received his diploma from the University of Southern California, while Max received his from Columbia University.

kennyg family


Kenny G, a Grammy-winning saxophonist, began his musical journey at ten and became a global sensation. He has released over 20 albums and collaborated with artists like Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Frank Sinatra. Kenny G net worth is $100 million, with 75 million albums sold worldwide. Moreover, he has a luxurious lifestyle, an impressive car collection, and a waterfront mansion in Hunts Point, Washington.

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