Kaitlan Collins salary || The Fearless Journalist and Her $5 Million Net Worth

As you tune in to your favorite news channel, a beautiful and friendly face appears, skillfully engagingly delivering information. Yes, I am talking about famous American journalist Kaitlan Collins who has a net worth of $5 million. She co-anchored the morning show on CNN and now hosts the amazing show “The Source at 9 p.m.” She is famous for fearlessly asking questions to high-profile politicians. Her fans often ask questions about Kaitlan Collins salary, Kaitlan Collins net worth, earnings from CNN, and many more questions like this. Today we will try to answer all the questions by discussing her journey from start to end. Forget breaking news; we’re breaking down the bank account of Kaitlan Collins. 


Name Kaitlan Collins
Full Name Kaitlan Collins
Material Status Single
Net Worth  $5 Million
Age 31 Years old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 58KG
Hair Color Blonde hair
Eye Color Dark Brown
Birth Place Prattville, Alabama
Currently, Live In Washington D.C
Profession Journalist
Startup  entertainment reporter
Years Active 2014
Nationality American
Religion  Christon
Hometown Prattville, Alabama
Zodiac Sign Aries
School/High school Prattville High School , University of Alabama
Education Qualification Bachelor of Arts in political science and journalism 

Net worth

Here is the real green behind the screen. As of 2024, Kaitlan Collins net worth is estimated at the impressive figure of $5 million. In 2017 when she was a white house correspondent, Kaitlan Collins’s annual salary was around $280,000. She rapidly became a notable figure on CNN. When she hosted the morning show, CNN increased Kaitlan Collins salary from $1 million to $3 million. She also signed a four-year contract which will add $1.8 million to Kaitlan Collins net worth. Not only that, she’s also getting $500,000 in stock options and bonuses. She’s advancing significantly on her journey to financial success! 

Kaitlan Collins salary-

Source Of Income

Kaitlan Collins annual salary comes from different sources. She received a fixed salary from CNN as a white house correspondent. She receives additional income by participating in different CNN programs like “The Source at 9 p.m.” Additionally,  She has a huge fan following on social media accounts she has 1.2 million followers on Twitter and 294k on Instagram. And guess what? You might see ads on her account, which means she’s also making money from Twitter. Other than that, she may also earn a good amount of money by endorsement deals with different brands. Her contributions to other media outlets further contribute to her earnings.



In October 2023, Kaitlan Collins bought a luxurious house in Ansley Park, Buckhead, Atlanta which cost $2.6 million. She paid this amount by taking a loan from JPMorgan. The house has five bedrooms, cool smart home gadgets, a gym, a swimming pool, and even a home theater. In one of her Instagram posts, she shares her sister’s house.

Kaitlan Collins salary-


Back when Kaitlan Collins was reporting from the White House, she drove an Audi. After two years, she decided to buy a Tesla S, which cost her $130,000. And guess what, she also got herself a 911 for $170,000. Impressive? Isnt it?

Early Life

Kaitlan Collins was born on April 7, 1992, in Prattville, Alabama from a young age, she was blessed to experience the blessing of financial stability.. Jeff Collins Sr. is her father and by profession, he is a mortgage banker.  At a very young age, she develops an interest in journalism. After graduating from  Prattville High School she went to the University of Alabama to major in chemistry she later switched to journalism. She successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and journalism in 2014. 

Kaitlan Collins salary-


Kaitlan Collins began her journey as an entertainment reporter at the website “The Daily Caller”  in June 2014. She successfully covered the presidential election in 2016. In 2017,  The Daily Caller recognized her exceptional abilities and promoted her role to White House correspondent, where she began covering the Trump administration. She becomes famous for confidently asking questions during the trump administration. She was part of some big events like the Mueller investigation, the impeachment proceedings, and the impact of COVID-19 on the administration. 

Kaitlan Collins salary-

In 2018, do you know why she was banned from the Rose Garden event? Well, she dared to ask a highly controversial question to President Trump about his relationship with his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. According to the White House, the question was deemed inappropriate. But, she didn’t stop here and bounced back with more energy with the support of colleagues and other press freedom organizations.

Kaitlan Collins salary

She covered the 2020 election and was selected as the White House correspondent for President Biden. After a few weeks, Kayleigh McEnany refuses to answer Kaitlan’s question and throws in the word “activist.” Unexpected, right?

Kaitlan Collins salary

She was only 28 years old when she won the title of youngest chief White House correspondent in CNN history. 

In September 2022, CNN started a new morning show hosted by talented tri including Kaitlan Collins, Don Lemon, and Poppy Harlow. 

Kaitlan Collins salary 4-min

On 10 May 2023, she covered a town hall event with Donald Trump. On 17 May 2023, she started hosting a program named CNN’s new 9 pm which was later renamed as The Source with Kaitlan Collins. She said goodbye to CNN This Morning on May 25, 2023. She also hosts prime-time hourly shows on weekdays.


Jeff Collins Sr is Kaitlan Collins father and she didn’t share any information regarding her mother. She also has three other siblings. Her father had a well-paid job that was enough for them to live a happy life. Collins shares her parent’s perspective on U.S. political system. She also adds that her parents didn’t actively participate in voting or talking about other political candidates. 

She was known for dating Douglas. They met in 2015 when she worked at The Daily Caller. However, in 2017 Collins deleted some of her pictures with Douglas, and rumored that they may broken up. She didn’t share any authentic information regarding her relationship.


Kaitlan Collins is a famous American Journalist at CNN who has an annual salary of $5 million. Her income mainly comes from her salary, bonuses, stock options, and endorsements. Kaitlan Collins net worth enabled her to buy a luxurious house and expensive car collection. Moreover, she is known for asking tough questions to politicians, even when she was banned from a Rose Garden event by President Trump. She is the host of The Source at 9 p.m., a popular show on CNN.

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