Cissy Houston Net Worth | Journey Of Earning $6 Million

Imagine a life where you can buy luxury cars, live in beautiful houses, and travel the world anytime. Right, that sounds like a dream. That’s the type of life Cissy Houston net worth has enabled her to live. She has touched our hearts and made an impressive mark on the music industry. Here is the article to kill your curiosity. According to some authentic resources, Cissy Houston Net Worth is estimated at an impressive figure of $6 Million. We will discuss the journey behind $6 million from the start to the height of success.

Cissy Houston is an American gospel and soul singer and Actress. She has won and been nominated for various awards as an internationally recognized singer. This article will look closely at Cissy Houston worth, early life, achievements, personal life, and Career.

Quick Facts

Name Cissy Houston
Other Name Emily Drinkard
Material Status Married
Children Son ( Gary Garland)
Husband name Freddie Garland
Boyfriend  name John Russell Houston
Net Worth $6 Million
Date of Birth 30 September 1933
Age 90 years old
Height 5.6
Weight 65 Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color  Brown
Birth Place Newark, New Jersey, United States
Profession Gospel and Soul Singer and Actress
Years Active 1938-Present
Debut Year 1969
Famous Song Think it Over and Be my Baby
Nationality American
Religion Methodist Episcopal
Hometown Newark, New Jersey
Zodiac Sign Libra
School Mount St. Dominic Academy
High School Malcolm X Shabazz High School
Hobbles up Love fashion and enjoy shopping


Net Worth                          

Fans of Cissy Houston often ask: What is Cissy Houston net worth? So here is the answer to your question to end your crusity. According to some authentic sources, Cissy Houston net worth is estimated at the impressive figure of $6 million. Her daily social media posts and anecdotes provide an insight into her lavish lifestyle and extensive travels. Additionally, she owns a large home and a fancy car. Approximately $1,000,000 is her annual income, and $ 833,333 is her monthly income. If she continues to grow at her current rate, she will reach $15 million within four to five years.



Cissy Houston has a fabulous and luxurious house located in New Jersey. The house has executive-class bedrooms and the house is very stylish and modern. The house has a mind-blowing lounge area and a swimming pool. The estimated price of this house is 2.5 million dollars.


Cissy Houston has a stunning car collection, including a Limousine and a 1986 Rolls-Royce. She makes significant money from her live performances,  music sales, and other ventures.

Source of Income

It’s time to reveal the sources she used to earn money. A significant portion of Cissy Houston net worth comes from her music career. She is not only a singer, but she also appeared in several films and television shows. That also adds a lot of dollars to Cissy Houston net worth. Her live performances and tours are considered a money-making machine for her.


Cissy Houston Net Worth

Cissy Houston was born into a middle-class family. Her father’s name is Nicholas Drinkard, and her mother’s is Delia. She has seven siblings, and she was her parents’ eighth and final child.  Cissy’s older siblings were William, Handsome, Nicky, and Lary, and sisters Lee, Marie, and Anne.

Cissy Houston’s mother died in 1938 due to a cerebral hemorrhage after three years of her mother’s death. In March 1952, Houston’s father died due to stomach cancer.

Early Life and Education

Cissy Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey, ON 30 September 1933. She was the eighth and final child of her parents. Cissy’s older siblings were William, Handsome, Nicky, and Lary, and sisters Lee, Marie, and Anne.

Houston’s family was located in New Jersey during the Great Migration after the Houston’s three oldest siblings were born. Her father emphasized the children being involved in the church and getting educated. Houston’s father encouraged her and her sibling to sing. Cissy Houston gets her early education from Mount St. Dominic Academy. She was excellent in school.  Cissy Houston also attended Malcolm X Shabazz High School.


In 1938, Cissy Houston’s career started her career when she joined her brother Larry and Nicky and sister Anne in the gospel singing group the Drinkard Four. Later, Lee joined the group along with Marie Drikard Epps and Anne Drinkard Moss, and the group was renamed The Drinkard Singer. While it was performing on Drinkard Singers, Cissy Housto made her television debut on TV Gospel Time.

Cissy Houston Net Worth

In 1969, they were offered to sing backing vocals for American singer Elvis Presley in Las Vegas on his return to live performance during July and August 1969. Many of these performances can be heard on the All Shook Up and live in Las Vegas live records. She decided to stop touring and began a career as a recording artist.

Year Album
1969 Sweets for My Sweet
1968 What the World Needs Now Is Love
1968 Songs of Faith & Inspiration
1967 The Sweet Inspiration


Solo Career

Cissy Houston Net Worth

After working with The Drinkard Singers and Sweet Inspirations, she began her solo career. Cissy recorded her final solo named “One Broken Heart For Sale,” released on Kapp Records in 1967. Her name is spelled as Sissie Houston at the start of her singles. She signed a contract with Commonwealth United Records in 1969 and recorded her solo debut LP, Presenting Cissy Houston, released in 1970.


Year Album Record Label
2012 Walk on By Faith Harlem Records
2001 Love is Holding You Neon
1997 He Leadeth Me A&M Records
1996 Face to Face House of Blues
1992 I’ll Take Care of You Shanachie Records
1980 Step Aside For A Lady Columbia Records
1979 Warning- Danger Columbia Records
1978 Think It Over Private Stock Records
1977 Cissy Houston Private Stock Records
1970 Presenting Cissy Houston Major Minor Records


Physical Appearance

Cissy Houston height is 5 feet and 6 inches. In addition, she weighed 65 Kg. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Cissy also had a fair complexion. These features add charm to her beauty that captured the hearts of many. She has an attractive and solid body type.

Personal Life

Cissy Houston married Freddie Garland in 1955. They had a son, Gary Garland, born on 12 October 1957. Gary Garland is an NBA basketball player.

In 1957, when she was 24, Houston met John Russell Houston Jr., and they started dating, which led to the birth of son Michael, born on 14 August 1961. He is a songwriter and road manager. They also had a daughter named Whitney, born on 9 August 1963. She is a world-renowned singer, entertainer, and actress.


Cissy Houston is a famous American singer and actress. She is acknowledged worldwide through his hard work and talent. Cissy wrote many songs. She also got a lot of fame due to his highly-rated songs. In short, Cissy Houston is a universally acknowledged, talented idol who gained everything through hard work and effort.

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