Prageru Kids – The YouTube restrictions on Prageru Kids’ videos

Prageru is a YouTube channel created by Dennis Prager. They upload animated animation educational videos on this channel. The superintendent of Oklahoma’s State, Ryan Walters, allows their teachers to use videos from Prageru kids for public schools. After that, Florida did the same thing. However, some of their videos have drawn some criticism.  

In one of his videos, a cartoon named Christopher Columbus said that slavery wasn’t a big deal in his time. Many people called it controversial stuff. Not only that, in another video, they showed George Floyd as a black man who resisted arrest. Many people did not like it, and because of that hate speech, his YouTube channel also faced some restrictions. According to Forbes, YouTube restricts and even demonetizes some of his videos. PragerU was started with the help of donations, and guess what? In 2022, it hit the amount of $65 quite impressive! Isnt it? Many scholars suggest that these videos need to be completed and share misinformation. In one of his videos, he also misuses the character of Douglass, which also caught the attraction of many people.

Not only that, another video follows the story of a Dutch boy who was feared because he thought that the government rules were designed to destroy greenhouse gas emissions. People also notice the boy in Mateo Backs The Blue who criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement. Scholas, researchers, and many others suggest that these videos are free and accessible to everyone. Additionally, they recommended that we monitor how and what our children are learning.

So, here is the latest news about the Prageru channel. Dennis Prager net worth is also affected by demonetization and restrictions. If you don’t know how much Dennis Prager has in his bank account, check our article on Dennis Prager net worth.


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