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Max Thieriot is a famous American actor whose successful career is like a tapestry of amazing performances in both movies and TV shows. As of 2024, Max Thieriot has appeared in 15 movies and 5 TV shows. He started his journey in 2004 by appearing in one of the most famous movies “Catch that Kid.” He made his television debut in 2012 with his role in “Dark Horse.” Not only that, he has also directed “Bates Motel,” “SEAL,” and “Team Fire Country.”In 2005, he was nominated for the Stinkers Bad Movie Award for “The Pacifier”, and in 2006, he received a Young Artist Award nomination for the same film. And guess what, in 2009, this amazing super talented actor won  the Young Artist Award for “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.” Today we will discuss some of Max Thieriot’s best performances in movies and TV shows. 


1-Point Break (2015 film)

Point Break
Point Break

Max Thieriot played the role of Jeff in the “Point Break” movie. Ericson Core directed this movie. Moreover, the story follows the investigation of Johnny Utah about the strange strange bank robberies. It took a turn when he fell in love with a girl who was a part of that group.

2-House at the End of the Street

Max appeared as Ryan Jacobson in this movie. A divorced girl named Sarah is the main character of the story. Sarah and her daughter were very happy because they had found their dream house in a small town. But things got worse when they discovered some dark secrets about this town. Max Thieriot’s character was part of a scary family. Ryan (Max Thieriot) was the only survivor as his sister killed all of his family members. Furthermore, Sarah’s daughter Elissa starts getting close to Ryan and they face many dangerous and mysterious challenges.

3-Disconnect (2012 film)

In this film, Max took on the character of Kyle. It was released on September 11, 2012, and directed by Henry Alex Rubin. The story is about a group of people who connected through the internet. Moreover, there are different types of people in this group, some used to bully a student, a woman looked for support on social media, and a young man used to work on webcam sex services.

4-Yellow (2012 film)

Max played the role of Young Nowell in this movie. It was released on August 29, 2014, and directed by Nick Cassavetes. The story is about an elementary school teacher who was fired from her job when school staff caught her having sex with a student’s parent at a parent-teacher meeting. She faced many challenges in her life.

TV Series

1-Fire Country

Max Thieriot played the character of Bode Donovan in this TV series. This series premiered on October 7, 2022, and it’s still being shown on TV. Max Thieriot not only stars in the series but also acts as its creator and executive producer. Moreover, the story of the series is about a young boy who did some illegal activities and ended up in prison. In prison, he met some people who motivate prisoners to become firefighters.

2-SEAL Team (TV series)

Max Thieriot portrayed Clay Spenser’s character in this series. It was released on September 27, 2017, and directed by Christopher Chulack. The story of the series revolves around a group called the “Bravo Team,” They are famous as super tough soldiers in the Navy and they do some dangerous missions all around the world. It becomes very difficult for their families to deal with all the danger and pressure.


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