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Luke Grimes is a well-known American actor and musician. He played many roles throughout his career but is best known for participating in American Sniper. Currently, he is dominating the entertainment field with his brilliant performance in the Yellowstone TV series. As of 2024, Luke Grimes appeared in 22 movies and 4 TV shows. He started his journey in movies in 2006 by playing the role of Jake in “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.” It was the beginning of a never-ending journey, as he performed continuously from 2006 to 2024. On 19 April 2024, he released his album “All Apologies” and received so much love and appreciation from his fans. Currently, he is working on a movie named ‘Eddington,’ which is expected to be released in 2025. This article will discuss some of the most famous Luke Grimes movies and TV shows.


1-Happiness for Beginners

Luke Grimes played the role of “Jake” in this movie. The story of this movie revolves around the character of 32-year-old Helen Carpenter. He got divorced when she was 31 years old. After getting divorced her brother forces her to join a wilderness survival course. Although she faced many challenges during this adventure, the main lesson she learned was this: if you truly want to understand yourself, sometimes you need to lose your way. This is the beautiful message that this movie portrays through a brilliant story.

2-Fifty Shades Freed (film)

In this movie, Luke Grimes takes on the role of “Elliot Grey.” The story is about a billionaire boy “Christian Grey.” He and his wife Anastasia thought that they had escaped their dark past and now they can live a happy life.  They are about to start a luxurious life but some scary events unfold, and ruin their happiness before it truly begins.

3-El Camino Christmas

Luke Grimes is cast as “Eric Roth” in this production. The story revolves around a young man who has not had a single chance to meet his father in his life. But, after some time he wants to meet his father and start searching for him. During this time, he found himself trapped inside a liquor store with five other people.

4-Fifty Shades Darker (film)

 Luke Grimes appears as “Elliot Grey” in this movie. Christian Grey wants to get back with his wife Anastasia. But, she is being more careful and asks him for new rules before giving him a second chance. As she begins trusting him, some bad people from Christian’s past show up. The main mission of these people is to separate Christians from Anastasia and not let them be together in the future.

TV Series

1-Yellowstone (American TV series)

Now, let’s discuss some of the best roles played by Luke Grimes in TV series. He made his debut in the TV series “Brothers and Sisters.” Currently, he has appeared in four major TV series. His most famous series is “Yellowstone,” which is still airing on TV. In Yellowstone, Luke Grimes brings the character Kayce Dutton to life with his extraordinary performance. The story is about conflicts between Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, a big cattle ranch, the Broken Rock Indian reservation, Yellowstone National Park, and land developers. Its fifth season is around the corner which will follow a sequel series “2024.” This sequel series will be the final series.

2-Outlaw Country (2012 film)

The character of “Eli Larken” is played by Luke Grimes in this series. The story is about a boy who had very bad experiences in his past filed with crimes. After realizing his mistake, the boy wants to move on by shifting to a peaceful countryside. On the other hand, the story also focuses on a talented singer who is working hard to become independent. Her mother has always clipped her wings, and she wants to break free from her mother’s overprotective control.


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