Jeremy Allen White Movies And TV Shows

If you enjoy entertainment, check out  Jeremy Allen White Movies and TV shows. He is a famous American actor born on 17 February 1991 in New York City. His parents, Eloise Ziegler and Richard White raised him. He participated in different dance shows in his school. He played many roles throughout his career, but his participation in Lip Gallagher, Shameless, and The Bear made him more famous. Moreover, He even received many awards for his brilliant performance. Jeremy Allen White Movies and TV shows acted like his wings and helped him to reach the height of success. His fans often asked about some of the best Jeremy Allen White Movies and TV shows. So here is an article for you because we will discuss some of the best Jeremy Allen White Movies and TV shows in this article.

Jeremy Allen White Movies And TV Shows


1 – The Iron Claw (film)

The Iron Claw is an amazing biographical sports drama film directed by Sean Durkin. The story is about a group of three brothers called the Von Erichs. They are wrestling experts and want to show off their skill to the whole world. They faced many challenges, but they didn’t give up. The movie has exceeded the expectation level by grossing over $44 million on a budget of $15.9 million. What a financial success it is.

Quick Info

Directed By Sean Durkin
Written By Sean Durkin
Produced By Tessa Ross, Juliette Howell
Cinematography By Mátyás Erdély
Music By Richard Reed Parry
Edited By Matthew Hannam
Released Date December 22, 2023
Language English
Country United States
Genre Drama, Thriller 
Run Time 132 minutes
Rating N/A

2 – Fingernails (film)

It is a famous science fiction romantic drama. It follows the love story of Anna and Ryan which was proven by a new technology. But the problem is that Anna was not sure about her partner. She wanted to test it and with that purpose in her mind she join an institute of love testing. She also met a boy named Amir in that institute.

Quick Info

Directed By Christos Nikou
Written By Christos Nikou, Sam Steiner, Stavros Raptis
Produced By Coco-Francini, Andrew-Upton, Cate-Blanchett, Christos-Nikou and Lucas Wiesendanger
Cinematography By Marcell Rév
Music By Christopher Stracey
Edited By Yorgos Zafeiris
Released Date October 27, 2023 
Language English
Country United States
Genre Comedy
Run Time 113 minutes
Rating Google(1.7/5), Rotten Tomatoes(60%), Common Sense Media(4/5), IMDb (5.9/10)

3- Fremont (film)

It is an amazing Drama film directed by the famous director Babak Jalali. The movie gross $386,789 at Box office. The story is about a girl who used to help the US military in Afghanistan by translating. After some time she went San Francisco and start working in a Chinese fortune cookie factory. One day she decided to write a special message on cookies.

Jeremy Allen White Movies And TV Shows

Quick Info

Directed By Babak Jalali
Written By Carolina Cavalli, Babak Jalali
Produced By Marjaneh Moghimi, Sudnya Shroff
Cinematography By Laura Valladao
Music By Mahmood Schricker
Edited By Babak Jalali
Released Date 25 August  2023
Language English, Dari, Cantonese
Country United States
Genre Thriller
Run Time 92 MInutes
Rating Google(N/A), Rotten Tomatoes(97%), Common Sense Media(2/5), IMDb (7/10)

4 – Viena and the Fantomes

Viena and the Fantomes is a romantic drama film. The story revolve around a person called  Roadie. It follows the dramatic journey of Roadie with a punk band all across America during 1980s. 

Quick Info

Directed By Gerardo Naranjo
Written By Gerardo Naranjo
Produced By Hunter Gray, Alex Orlovsky
Cinematography By Gerardo Naranjo, Emilio Valdés
Music By Will Patterson
Edited By Charles Cantrell, Cody LeBoeuf
Released Date June 30, 2020
Language English
Country United States
Genre Drama
Run Time 96 minutes
Rating Google(N/A), Rotten Tomatoes(20%), Common Sense Media(2/5), IMDb (4.3/10)

TV Series

1 – The Bear (TV series)

A young taleneted chef named Carmen Berzatto used to work in famous resturants. But due to some family reasons, he has to come back to Chicago to run their sandwich shop called Original Beef of Chicagoland. Crirtics love watching this series and they appriciate its writing, directing, acting and everything about this series. And guess what? Its season 3 is around the corner which will  be released in June 2024. The more exciting news is that the team have already decided to release season 4 after season 3. Isn’t it intresting?

Quick Info

Directed By Christopher Storer
Written By Christopher Storer
Produced By Tyson Bidner
Cinematography By Andrew Wehde
Music By N/A
Edited By N/A
Released Date June 23, 2022
Language English
Country United States
Genre Drama
Run Time 20–66 minutes
Rating Google(4.7/5), Rotten Tomatoes(99%), Common Sense Media(4/5), IMDb (8.6/10)

2 – Homecoming (TV series)

Homecoming is a famous American thriller TV series. Its about Heidi who used to work at a placed called Homecomin. And after spending some years at that place, she decided to move on and start a new life. The story took turn when the De[artment of Defence investigates that why she left Homecoming. 

Quick Info

Directed By Sam Esmail
Written By Sam Esmail
Produced By John G. Lenic and Marc Bienstock
Cinematography By Todd Campbell and Jas Shelton
Music By N/A
Edited By Rosanne Tan and Justin Krohn
Released Date November 2, 2018
Language English
Country United States
Genre Drama, Psychological thriller
Run Time 24–37 minutes
Rating Google(3.9/5), Rotten Tomatoes(79%), Common Sense Media(4/5), IMDb (7.4/10)


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