Iconic Roles: Gwendoline Christie Movies and TV Shows (2024)

Let’s step into the world of Gwendoline Christie movies and TV shows. She began acting in 2007, performing in the short film The Time Surgeon, directed by Nathaniel Mellors. In these years, she continued to appear in his works, such as the Seven Ages of Britain Teaser and the first four films of his Ourhouse series. Throughout her career, she worked hard to become successful.

And look at her now; we can say that she has pushed all the right buttons.  These movies and TV shows not only help her to become more successful but also help her translate her hard work into her bank account. Did you get it? Yes, I am talking about Gwendoline Christie’s net worth, estimated at an impressive figure of $4 million. Gwendoline Christie has appeared in many movies and TV shows, but I will discuss some of her best films and TV shows based on fans’ reviews and ratings.


1-The Darkest Minds

The story is about some mysterious teens who develop powerful abilities. Because of these powers, the government threatened them and arrested them. One of the most influential young people, Ruby, escapes from her camp and joins a group of runaways who are finding a haven. Betrayed by the adults in power, this newfound family soon realizes that running is not enough — they must use their collective powers to take back their future. It is a total thriller movie directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The movie was released on 3 August 2018. Gwendoline Christie played the role of Lady Jane. Throughout the movie, Lady Jane is known as a greedy woman trying to escape the US.

Lady Jane in movie the darkest mind-min


2-Satr Wars: The Force Awakens

Thirty years ago, a group of good guys was known as the Rebel Alliance. The Galactic Empire defeated this group. So, as we know, it is a brutal truth that good people always face many life challenges. After being defeated by the Galactic Empire, the First Order was their next challenging task. This dangerous group was trying to take over the galaxy. Han Solo was the movie’s hero and played a very adventurous role. He tried to save the galaxy from the dangerous group First Order.

But that was not their last challenge. After that, a new villain named Kylo Ren entered the scene. Kylo Ren led the First Order and caused destruction. Han Solo and his young allies worked hard to battle the evil forces and hope to bring peace and freedom back to the galaxy. Gwendoline Christie took on the role of Captain Phasma and nailed it.

3-In Fabric

In Fabric is a masterpiece by Peter Strickland. The movie’s story is about a divorced woman who is unhappy with her life and goes to a famous store in London to find a dress that will make her feel better. While browsing the store, she finds a beautiful deep red dress. She buys that dress. But the story takes a turn when she brings that dress to her house, and that dress completely turns into a curse for her. It brings bad luck and scary events to her life.

gwendoline christie in fabric -min (1)She became very depressed and went back to the store to return this weird dress. Here, one more big secret reveals that she is not the first and last person who has had this weird experience after buying a dress from this store. The way Gwendoline Christie played Gwen in this movie is totally unforgettable.

4- Welcome to Marven

So, let’s discuss the most extraordinary movie, “Welcome To Marwen,” brought to life by a talented director, Robert Zemeckis. The story revolves around the character Mark Hogancamp, who goes through a very dangerous attack. Fortunately, he survives, but he loses all his memories. People around him think that he cannot recover his memory. But Mark is a very vivacious character. He loses his memory, but he doesn’t lose his hope.

Gwendoline Christie in Welcome to Marven-minHe started working on a unique project and built a realistic model of a Belgian town from World War II in his backyard. Mark imagined himself as a courageous fighter pilot and bravely fighting with his enemies. This little fantasy world helped him to face real-world challenges. Gwendoline Christie’s depiction of Anna in this movie is truly memorable.

TV Shows


Gwendoline Christie Movies and TV Shows in Wednesday-min

Let’s start with the most-watched TV show directed by Tim Burton. The mysterious story revolves around the character of Wednesday Addams during her time as a student at Nevermore Academy. She is an extraordinary girl who has some superpowers. She tried her best to control her emerging psychic abilities. It was like she was trapped in a web of secrets. She faced many daunting challenges with her friends and uncovered the truth behind a mystery involving her parents. This show is a roller coaster of adventures and supernatural twists.  And yes, don’t tell me you didn’t notice a prominent character, Larissa Weems. Our simpatico Gwendoline Christie played this character.

2-Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a famous TV show based on George R. R. Martin’s books. The show follows different stories of a made-up world that contains seven kingdoms called Westeros and Essos. One main story is about the battle to become the ruler of the seven kingdoms and to control the special throne called the Iron Throne. Many families were involved in this battle. One person from these families was kicked out of their family. He tries to come back and take control of the throne.

Gwendoline Christie Movies and TV Shows - in Game of Thrones-minThe story also revolves around the upcoming scary winter. It will come with strange creatures and mysterious people living in the cold North. So, Game of Thrones is a mixture of some scary battles. All of these battles happened in a fantasy world. It was directed by a group of talented directors, including Mark Mylod, Alex Graves, David Nutter, and Miguel Sapochnik, and written by George R. R. Martin. Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth must be indelibly etched into your mind in this show.


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