Cooper Van Grootel Movies and TV Shows

TheCooper Van Grootel is a famous and popular Australian actor and model. He gained a high fame rank in the media industry due to his versatile acting. Cooper Van Grootel has had an incredible journey of success as a superstar with a remarkable filmography. He is known for portraying the role of “Dean Zeta” in a sports family film “Go Karts(2020)” and “Nate Macauley” in a crime TV series “One Of Us Is Lying(2021)”.

Cooper Van Grootel was born on 26 January 2001 in Perth, Australia. He is 22 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. His nationality is Australian, and he is Christian by religion.

In this article, we will look closely at Cooper Van Grootel films and TV shows. We will explore the incredible range of characters and notable media journeys of Cooper Van.


1-Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones is an Australian-based drama and mystery film. Rachel Perkins directed this film. The film was released in 2017. Jasper Jones is based on racism. The story revolved around the Australian mining town “Corrigan” during the Vietnam War 1965. The story was about the young thirteen-year-old boy Charlie Bucktin, who struggled to help Jasper Jones cover the dead body of Laura Wishart.

Jasper Jones film

Cooper Van Grootel played the character of Batsman in the film. Jasper Jones proved to be a high-rated film in the media industry. This film earned a 70% average feedback. The film was narrated into a high-ranked mystery panorama. The film was acted very well and positively exhibited the emotions and thoughts. This is the film that gave a breakthrough to the career of Cooper Van. His performance amazed the audience and earned good fame and a reputation.

2-Go Karts

G Karts gave a tremendous breakthrough to Cooper Van in 2020. In this thrilling action film, Cooper played the role of Dean Zeta. Go Karts presents the image of a boy who wants to achieve the National Go Kart Championships title by overcoming his odds and fulfilling his dreams. This movie recognized him worldwide as a superstar.

Go Karts film

He got a lot of appreciation and fan following through his extraordinary performance in the movie. This movie got a positive review and attracted millions of followers. It was released on Netflix and Roadshow Entertainment. This movie scored average business, but Cooper had a breakthrough in his successful career. Overall, Go Karts exhibits a tremendous and extremely talented Western Australian crew.


Outsiders is an American-Australian mystery and fiction thriller film released in 2022. Cooper Van played the role of Wyatt in the film. Delmar Washington directed the film. This film got an average review of 36% rating on American review websites and Film Threat publications. The story of the film runs on a student “Jaylen Brown” (Skylan Brooks), who finds suspicion when his class, “Amira” (Clark Backo), disappears during a party.

Afterwards, Jaylen revealed his secrets in an attempt to cover the mysterious disappearance of his class fellow Amira. This movie was liked by the viewers but failed to finish the unaltered gestures of the story. Besides this, Cooper Van successfully attracted the audience through his supportive role of Wyatt.

4-Snow Valley  

The movie “Snow Valley” is based on a thriller and horror action story. The story revolves around the newly married couple’s ski weekend journey. The couple got afraid when a guest arrived at their house, and they saw some supernatural forces in the house’s darkness. This movie attracts the audience to experience the power of nature and the human spirit.

Snow Valley film

The characters of this film portray the whole story through their emotions, gestures, and actions. The music of Snow Valley, fully synchronized with the movie’s story, amplifies the viewer’s connection to the characters and their work. Cooper Van played the character of “Heath Jacobson”. Cooper Van got a lot of appreciation and wealth through this movie.

5-One True Loves

One True Love is based on an American comedy novel story. This movie is directed and produced by “Andy Fickman”. This movie will be released in 2023. The film’s story revolves around a woman who cannot configure and choose between her husband and finances. In the story, the woman who thought her husband was dead and about to marry her best friend.

Cooper Van Grootel

Suddenly, her husband came back into her life. Cooper Van played the role of “Young Jesse” in this movie. The movie could not get a good fame and success ranking. But on either side, the audience appreciates the cast’s hard work. The movie’s whole cast presents the characters’ emotional depth and complexity in a positive way.

TV Shows

1- One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying is a famous American thriller and mystery TV show. Erica Saleh developed it. The TV series is based on the novel story of “One of Us Is Lying” written by Karen M. McManus. The story of the show revolves around five high school students. One of the students dies under some mysterious circumstances, and investigations begin.

One of Us Is Lying

Cooper played the character of Nate Macauley. Cooper worked as the main suspect in the TV show. The show premiered on Peacock TV in 2021. The second series of One of Is Lying premiered in 2022, and after two series, the show  cancelled in 2023. This TV show premiered under the rights of Universal Cable Production.

2- Savage River

Savage River is an Australian crime drama show consisting of six parts. This show produced by Aquarius Films and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse. Savage River depicts the story of a community torn due to a violent crime committed by one of the community’s young members (Miki Anderson). Katherine Langford played the role of Miki.

Cooper Van Grootel

Miki showed through her character to lead a life on her own and forget the past, but the community of Savage River did not let her forget the past. Cooper presents the true image of his character among the other crew cast of the show. He played the character of Terry Anderson. The drama series brilliantly exhibits the crime aspects by the incredible cast. The drama got a positive feedback from the audience.

3- The Legend of Gavin Tanner

The Legend of Gavin Tanner TV series premiered in 2014. The show’s story revolves around the unpleasant experiences of a criminal, Gavin Tanner. The TV series exhibits Gavin’s prospect of being the hometown legend. Cooper played the role of Jayden in this TV show in episode one.

Cooper Van Grootel

The TV series lies in the comedy genre. This TV show got a positive audience response. The TV series crossed the success milestone at a great height. Cooper Media’s future depends on this project. Cooper got great feedback and fame through his incredible performance.

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